Margot Urbanowicz was born in Europe. Her youth taught her to be aware, strong and self sufficient. There is nothing Margot will not attempt if she wants to attain something. Since 1984, Margot has been involved in the music and entertainment business professionally. Later she and her two partners started internationally recognized promotion company in Europe called Viva Art Music.

Margot's responsibilities included arranging, negotiating, and then promoting and producing concerts, conferences, fairs, and festivals throughout Europe, USA, and Asia. Often, Margot would also take on the role of tour manager for entertainers such as: Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Gypsy Kings, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Basia, Michael Jackson to name a few. Some of highlights and favorite events were a project with Quincy Jones for UNICEF together and Tribute Productions' Guitar Legends Seville, Spain preview event for Expo 92 (Joe Cocker, Keith Richards, Roger Waters, BB King, and Bob Dylan).

Margot's role in the marketing, PR, interviews, and Press Conferences, provided her a direct relationship with the international mass media channels. In 1995, Margot joined Bertelsmann Media BMG Ariola as their Marketing and Label Manager. Margot's responsibilities were to define and create an artist's brand image for BMG as well. This included complete execution of marketing and promotion strategies. Her skills quickly made her an asset and Margot was quickly involved in producing Music Compilation CD's for BMG. In 1996 US new venture on Central European media Enterprises (TVN) was opening, funded by Mr. Ronald Lauder and she was offered the position of President's and the Board's of Directors Executive Assistant.

Ms Urbanowicz's many years of international experience in various businesses specifically the music industry (BMG records) and extensive international travelling have provided a global awareness and cultural appreciation to understand a variety of different needs. Her background allows the creation and development of marketing strategies with a focus on specific solutions based on trends, historical information, and global demand.
Margot B. Urbanowicz
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